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About Us

Tabakh Al-Freej has an inspired atmosphere from Kuwaiti old traditional alleys and villages..

“Tabakh Al-Freej Restaurant & Catering” is a renowned Kuwaiti based company that provides Kuwaiti, Arabic and Yemani cuisine, through our dining, home-delivery, and buffet catering concepts. Tabakh Al-Freej has an inspired atmosphere from Kuwaiti old traditional alleys and villages. It’s located in Hawally; 1 minute away from Muhallab Mall, also located in Al Jahra, Al - Ardia, and Abu Halifa. Equipped with strong fleet of delivery vehicles (85 sedan). We’re prominent for our Kuwaiti traditional dishes; “Gabout”, “Tashreeb”, “Machboos” and “Biryani”. We also excel in our Yemani Cuisine dishes like “Tanour Bread”, “Goulaba”, “Moushakel”.

Our Food

All of our food must meet meticulous taste of our customer which ensure only freshest, cleanest and most delicious piece reach your table. This deep respect for clean, beautiful food has made us open three branches, Hawally, Al-Ardia, and Slail Al Jahra, with the help and guidelines of AHDO organization

Our Moto

Live the spirit of traditional Kuwaiti decorations, merged into a modern architecture at Tabakh Al-Freej restaurant in Kuwait

Certification by AHDO

AHDO is now taking over the process of evaluating the FSMS applied in our outlets and we are expected to be certified according to a qualification plan.

AHDO – Arab Health and Development Corporation is one of the most leading names in integrated solutions to food and water safety, public health, hospitality services and development. AHDO team has the highest qualifications that include PhD, M.Sc., and Diploma. AHDO team field experience includes European Food Safety Authority – Parma, the Codex Alimentarius, a joint Commission by World Health Organization, WHO, and Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, - Rome, and the International Institute of Agriculture - Florence.



AHDO is also approved by “Highfield- UK”, the European most acknowledged body for training, to deliver 100% of the food safety and HACCP related programs and qualifications. AHDO team experience covers broad areas from different parts of the world; Europe, Middle East and Africa.